AMA Guides Newsletter

The AMA Guides® Newsletter, a publication of the American Medical Association,  provides you with crucial updates, authoritative guidance, practical information and rationales for proper use of AMA Guides in assessing impairment, work ability, causation and other case issues.

If you are a physician who performs independent medical or impairment evaluations or who cares for injured patients, you will benefit from this publication. It also should be read by claims professionals, attorneys, fact finders, and other stakeholders involved in managing workers compensation and disability cases.

Whether you are a user of the Fourth, Fifth, or Sixth edition of the Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, the AMA Guides Newsletter provides information you need to ensure accurate evaluations. Nationally recognized experts offer practical, real-life tips necessary to make difficult decisions with confidence. Christopher R. Brigham, MD is the Editor-in-Chief.

cover art: AMA Guides, Sept-Oct 2017
"IME Best Practices"
Sept. - Oct. 2017

​Call for Papers

The AMA Guides Newsletter invites you to submit articles for potential publication. These may focus on any aspect of your work as an independent medical evaluator (IME), including assessment of relevant clinical issues, impairment, causation, apportionment, and/or work ability.

Have you had a recent case for which you researched issues and provided an excellent discussion? It might be a sound basis for an article. Publishing an article helps others, and also demonstrates your expertise.