It is essential that all professionals involved in performing or reviewing assessments are trained.

Professional Organizations

Training programs are offered by professional organizations including:

Live, in-person, training programs reflect traditional training; however, the learning experience is limited to the session, they are more costly (particularly given indirect costs of travel and being out of the office), and with the COVID-19 pandemic are associated with risk.

Get It Online – Preferred, the wise choice.

The websites at…

…are unique membership sites that provide 24/7 access to extensive, essential learning systems and resources that will improve the quality and efficiency of performing and reviewing impairment evaluations. These sites are designed for all related professionals, including physicians, other healthcare providers, attorneys, claims professionals, and fact finders. They include streaming educational content, videos, written material, case exercises, online guidance, tools, and other valuable resources. Subscribers may participate in monthly Question and Answer sessions with Christopher R. Brigham, MD. Annual subscriptions cost less than a typical one-day seminar.

More information:

In addition, training is provided at


Certificate: Certified Impairment Rater
Credentials include Certified Impairment Rater status.

All professionals involved in the use of the AMA Guides should demonstrate their ability to accurately assess impairment, and adopt the goal of attaining Certified Impairment Rater status. CIR® was created in 2006 to establish and maintain professional standards for the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform expert impairment evaluations using the Guides, Fifth or Sixth Edition.